Tsoyu Rinzentarou Go Komodori

Co Owners: Karen Janes & Peter Chapman

Born: 18.10.2019
Sire: Tsoyu Kokoro No Hiroi
Dam: Fujin of Tenno Toshi Mit Tsoyu (Imp DEU)

Hip Score: 2:0 [ANKC]
Eyes: TBA
Amelogenesis Imperfecta [AI]: Carrier (Laboklin)

Major Awards:

UK – unable to compete in 2020 due to covid pandemic restrictions.

Got off to a great start when shows resumed in late 2021. Reserve best of Sex, Crufts qualified for 2022 and multiple 1st awards.

Rou is another exciting addition to the Tsoyu show team from our October litter.  Finally making his debut in the show ring late July 2021 and handled by Karen Janes. He is a showman in the making with a sturdy body, super movement and full of confidence we welcome Karen to the show team and look forward to working with her to campaign this boy!!