Tsoyu Reizenhime Go

Owners: Maureen Thompson and Peter Chapman

Born: 18.10.2019
Sire: Tsoyu Kokoro No Hiroi
Dam: Fujin of Tenno Toshi Mit Tsoyu (Imp DEU)

Hip Score: tba
Eyes: tba
Amelogenesis Imperfecta [AI]: Carrier

Major Awards:

UK – Unable to complete in 2020 due to covid pandemic restrictions.  Looking forward to campaigning Rieza at some point in 2021.

20 months old already with a stunning red brindle coat. As yet Reiza has not had the chance to compete at any level because of the Covid pandemic of 2020. Fulfilling her early potential as she continues to develop, we are especially pleased with her balanced conformation, expression and outgoing character. We look forward to introducing her to the big ring when allowed to do so.