Tsoyu Fuyu Tora Go Matsukita

Owners: Mathew & Sue Buckley

Born: 07.12.2013
Sire: Taiyokou Go Shun’You Kensha (Imp ESP)
Dam: Int. Multi. Ch. BiSS Tsoyu Amaya

Hip Score: 3:3
Eyes: Clear
Amelogenesis Imperfecta [AI]: untested

Major Awards:

Belgium: 1 CACiB and 1 CAC, Best of Breed winner & Group finalist
Netherlands: CAC/CACiB & BOS Rotterdam winners show
UK: Best Puppy in Breed awards, CRUFTS class winner, 2xres BOS JAIC Club Speciality shows. Many BOS & resBOS awards UK shows, KCGCDS Bronze, Silver & Gold

A stunning brindle lass with the most amazing head qualities. Correct mouth, muzzle to skull ratio bang on, dark eye of correct shape, size and set, well filled underneath and gorgeous plump cheeks, small thick ear rounded at tip set on correctly and carried just right. I could write poetry looking into her face, it is quite simply one of the most beautiful I have seen, I wouldn’t want to change a hair on it, her expression is breath-taking. A crested neck to a moderate front assembly, good width of front and ample bone, strong level top-line, corresponding underline with just enough tuck. A moderate rear crowned with a high set tightly carried tail. She is clean coming, going and in side gait. She gives the impression she shows merely to please her handler, and not because she likes to show off, this showing malarkey is all a bit boring for her. With that added charisma/ring presence, she’d be a really hard one to beat! In the challenge she stood between two really charismatic ladies and didn’t demand anything from the opposite side of the ring, but up close, her expression absolutely demanded she could not be overlooked for RBB. Judge: Ms T Morgan. October 2017