Seijitsu Amafumi Go Tsoyu

Breeder: Shelly Bennett
Co Owners: Shelly Bennett & Maureen Thompson

Born: 23.08.2020
Sire: Fuku Mitsu Go Shun’You Kensha (Imp RUS)
Dam: Tsoyu Murasaki Go Seijitsu

Hip Score: TBA
Eyes: TBA
Amelogenesis Imperfecta [AI]: Clear

Major Awards:

UK – show debut in 2021

New to the Team! Mafu is our latest addition to the show team. Produced through successful collaboration of 4 UK kennels. We are very hopeful that he will fulfil his early promise and be a positive influence in the show ring and in the future of the Tsoyu & Seijitsu kennels.