Matsukita Takahiko Go

Co Owners: Mathew & Sue Buckley, Peter Chapman

Born: 28.04.2016
Sire: Tsoyu Baku-Go Kyoshi
Dam: Tsoyu Fuyu Tora Matsukita

Hip Score: 13:5 [ANKC]
Eyes: Clear
Amelogenesis Imperfecta [AI]: Clear (Laboklin)

Producing show winning progeny and wonderful family companions

Major Awards:

UK: BOS & BP awards, Crufts qualifier, Kennel Club GCDS GOLD, SILVER, BRONZE awards

This boy appealed for overall type and balance, is masculine and of good size. Muscular neck of correct length to balance, firm top line, good depth to chest, fair spring of rib, well defined tuck up and high set curled tail of good carriage. Pleasing head and expression with good breadth to his flat skull, dark almond-shaped eyes of correct set, ears set moderately wide apart and inclining forward, defined stop and correct scissor bite. Moderate angles both front and rear but feet could be tighter to advantage. Moving well enough on the go around but could be better on the down and back. Off standing coat of good texture. Judge; Mr Tim Ball 2019